Do you know what rissoles are?

Do you know what rissoles are?


Originated from Portugal, a rissole is a croquette wrapped in pastry and coated with breadcrumbs. It is stuffed with either sweet or savoury fillings, such as minced meat or fish. Often baked or fried, it is usually served as an appetizer or a side dish.

Lemaq’s Rissoles are quite similar to the ones found in Sumatera, Indonesia. We use chicken and potato chunks as the fillings and deep-fried. Try it with a bite of fresh cili padi for that extra 'shiokness'.

Our rissoles are homemade by our very own Chef Nerita, making it one of Lemaq's sought-after delicacies. If you are a potato fan and enjoy savoury desserts, order some from our stall and have it with your friends over tea break. We bet you will want to come back and order for your next event.