Kuih Dadar

Kuih Dadar
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When we were younger, green food was synonymous with vegetables and as a result, we tend not to favour them. However, green in desserts is a whole new ball game altogether. Among green desserts other than our kuih Jong Kong, is Kuih Dadar.

Kuih Dadar is one of the popular snacks among the Malays, as well as the Peranakans. It is commonly known in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, and also Singapore, and is also called 'kuih Ketayap', 'kuih gulang', or 'kuih lenggang' in some areas. It literally means 'rolled pancake' or 'rolled crepe'.

The crepe, made with a mixture of flour, salt, eggs, and coconut milk, flavoured with natural pandan juice extract, will be filled with grated coconut cooked in palm sugar or 'gula melaka' syrup and a strand of pandan leaves, before rolling it up like the shape of a spring roll.

You can enjoy eating Kuih Dadar at any time of the day, although the best is to have it along with a cup of tea or any of your favourite hot drink for breakfast or afternoon tea. Your moment will be filled with the aroma of the pandan leaves and sweetness of the 'gula melaka' taste.

Lemaq prepared its own version of Kuih Dadar or Kuih Ketayap. It comes with pretty prints on it, too! Trust us, this will be one green you would want not want to miss. Come and check out our dessert at our stall.