Gado Gado

Gado Gado
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For many of us in Asia, one of our favorite snacks to munch at any family or friends gatherings, picnics, and while watching TV are crackers or ‘krupuk’. Whether it is prawn, fish, or tapioca crackers (also called emping), it is also one of the garnishes used in several local dishes such as Gado Gado. 

If you are wondering what Gado Gado means, it means merely –mix mix in Indonesian.  It is a dish consisting of lontong (rice cakes), blanched vegetables, steamed potatoes, boiled eggs, tempeh, tofu, served with sweet peanut sauce and garnished crackers.

However, besides the garnishing, the other main ingredient that makes this dish perfect would be its peanut sauce. It is made with pureed roasted peanuts and mix of chili, asam, and condiments to create the impeccable taste of sweetness and spicy

Two other items that are important in this dish are the tofu and tempeh. Tempe is a favorite among the Indonesians, and locally, you can find them in our local supermarkets and wet markets. These two items are usually lightly fried and added to the vegetables before it is covered with a thick peanut sauce.

If you are among those who love vegetables, we recommend this as a delicious dish for your next lunch option. Have it at our stall or ‘tapao’ it  - you will want to come back for more.