Udang Masak Lemak Cili Padi

Udang Masak Lemak Cili Padi

Canva Prawn


Prawns big or small are a favorite among many of us. Of course, for some, the bigger, the better! We can either have it fried, steamed, or skewed over a barbeque. There are also many ways to cook up a dish of prawns to satisfy our hunger pangs and cravings.

For those who prefer seafood over the meat, Lemaq offers our succulent ‘Udang Masak Cili Padi’ or ‘Prawns in Spicy Lemak Gravy.’ This dish well-known among food lovers in Singapore, Malaysian, Brunei, and Indonesia simply means it is cooked in coconut milk. While some prefer to cook it coconut milk, some have also decided to replace them with low-fat milk instead. 

The fresh prawn shells are usually cleaned and either peeled in full or leaving the tail. However, keeping the shell on adds the sweetness to your dishes. For this dish, the prawns are cooked with a blend of spices such as lemongrass and galangal, chili padi, and fresh coconut milk that brings out the aroma of this wholesome dish. This savory and spicy choice goes very well with piping hot white rice. If you feel like having a twist to your meals, you can also add noodles to this dish

If you are a fan of prawns, come and try out our Udang Masak Cili Padi, which is also available in our Lemaq Bento Box. So, when you place your delivery order, look out for this specialty of ours!