Our locals would be very familiar with “Asam Pedas”.

Our locals would be very familiar with “Asam Pedas”.
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Asam Pedas' or literally means 'sour spicy' is one of the most favourite and popular fish stew dish in the Malay tradition. In fact, it is also a well-liked dish by other ethnic groups as well.

While some claimed that 'asam pedas' is a culinary heritage of the Minangkabau and is widely known in Sumatera and the Malay Peninsula, the truth remains - it is a favourite cuisine among the Malays as well as the Peranakans across the region.

Asam Pedas is prepared with the fish cooked in fresh chilli paste and tamarind pulp juice. Yes, the key ingredients are only fresh chilli paste and tamarind juice. Vegetables such as brinjal, lady's finger (okra) and tomatoes may be added to complement the flavour. Getting the right texture of the asam pedas gravy - not too thick and not too soupy - adds on to the whole experience of savouring it.

Lemaq's Asam Pedas is a dish you should not miss with your nasi padang order. It is simply cooked with the right mix and blend of ingredients prepared with love and passion by the Chef, that it is definitely worth savouring. You will come back for more.