Our Signature Dessert - Kuih Jongkong

Our Signature Dessert - Kuih Jongkong
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Being in a multi-cultural society, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to local and traditional desserts. In today’s blog, we highlight a sweet dessert called Kuih JongKong.

Kuih Jongkong is a well-known traditional dessert among the Malay and Peranakan community here in Singapore and Malaysia. The dessert got its name ‘jongkong’ as it resembles an ingot. Among the Malay community, kuih jongkong is also known as kuih bongkong.

Traditionally, kuih jongkong is made from rice flour infused with pandan extract, gula melaka (palm sugar) coconut milk and steamed in banana leaves. The process of making this delicious dessert takes about three hours! That is our true dedication in bringing our special dessert to you!

At Lemaq, our Kuih Jongkong comes with a modern twist. Instead of banana leaves, we serve them in a cup and we separate the layers of ingredients such that you will see the distinct colors of each one. It is easier to consume and will make you want to dig right in! Best of all, this dessert can be eaten warm or chilled.

In addition, with assistance from FIRC, we used the latest technology to ensure that our kuih jongkong can last as long as seven days without changes in color, taste and smell. If you love traditional desserts with a modern twist, you would not want to miss this.