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Located on the East side of Singapore, we welcome you with our warm and attentive service. From our hearty breakfast to afternoon power lunches and tea break after-work desserts, we invite you to experience tradition with a dash of passion.

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Do you know what rissoles are?

Do you know what rissoles are?

Originated from Portugal, a rissole is a croquette wrapped in pastry and coated with breadcrumbs. It is stuffed with either sweet or savoury fillings,..

Our locals would be very familiar with “Asam Pedas”.

Our locals would be very familiar with “Asam Pedas”.

Asam Pedas' or literally means 'sour spicy' is one of the most favourite and popular fish stew dish in the Malay tradition. In fact, it is also a well..

Udang Masak Lemak Cili Padi

Udang Masak Lemak Cili Padi

Prawns big or small are a favorite among many of us. Of course, for some, the bigger, the better! We can either have it fried, steamed, or skewed over..

Our Signature Dessert - Kuih Jongkong

Our Signature Dessert - Kuih Jongkong

Being in a multi-cultural society, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to local and traditional desserts. In today’s blog, we highlight a sweet des..

Gado Gado

Gado Gado

For many of us in Asia, one of our favorite snacks to munch at any family or friends gatherings, picnics, and while watching TV are crackers or ‘krupu..

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What They Say

The Daging Balado Hijau (Green Sambal Beef) & Paru Balado (Sambal Beef Lung) are yummiliciously super addictive."

Mazli Said

"Sedap! The rice and dishes portions were generous. Alhamdulillah. Didn’t expect that the ayam masak merah and daging masak hijau tasted perfect with all the right ingredients. Really sedap! Nothing less. Initially, I didn’t have too high expectations as most times, I experienced food which are not too tasty from other caterers. But this is really thumbs up! The Kueh Jongkong was superb and I am looking forward to tomorrow’s order. Really didn’t regret ordering from Lemaq!


Just had a wonderful dinner delivery from Lemaq. The fried chicken wings are savory and crispy. The gado gado sauce is thick with peanut bits and tasty. The curry for the roti kirai is very good too. The price and delivery charge is reasonable. My family requested that we order from Lemaq again soon. What makes Lemaq is their service. They did a special delivery of teh because of a missing teh in the initial delivery. Such a pleasent surprise of excellent service.

Tan Family

"My husband loves Lemaq's Ayam Masak Merah! He has been eating it alone for 2 weeks straight. Thank you Lemaq :)"

Happy Customer

"Lemaq's dishes were all delicious. Both the bergedil and beef rendang were soft and flavourful. Same goes for your Ayam Masak Merah! Not forgetting your Sambal Goreng Sayur, the tofu, tempe and kacang panjang provided were of generous amount. Thank you Lemaq :)."

Sue Susan

"This is the first time I tasted your food. Alhamdulillah, my family and I broke our fast with delicious food, especially the Ikan Balado.The fish was fresh and boneless! Besides that, the Paru Balado was also very tasty!"